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Hollandaise Sauce

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*The links in this recipe will take you to detailed explanations and audio files of the correct pronunciation of the French words

Sauce Hollandaise‘ is the simplest of the ‘butter sauces’, or ‘sauces au beurre‘ – a category of the so-called ...

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French Onion Soup

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French Onion Soup is absolutely delicious, and anyone can make it. ‘Soupe à l’oignon‘ in French is a simple bistro staple made with minimal basic ingredients – onion, beef stock, bread and gruyère cheese. Don’t be fooled – simple does not mean quick, and unless you are prepared to put in the effort to achieve an outstanding result, you may ...

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How do you make a Béarnaise Sauce?

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 A Béarnaise sauce, or ‘Sauce Béarnaise‘ to use the French phrasing, is one of the first sauces a student of French Cooking will learn. Say ‘French Sauce’ and most uninitiated cooks will freeze, and think this must be terribly complicated and far beyond their scope. In fact, the answer to ‘how do you make a Béarnaise Sauce’ is ‘quite simply’ – all you need is a good recipe, a ...

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