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Words of the Week

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I tend to spend more time answering queries and adding words to the database than dealing with the blog, so forgive my neglect here. I get a tons of queries in my mail, which I appreciate because it’s the best way to make sure the database is useful, but it’s hugely time-consuming, and lest we forget, there is but one of me.

Don’t let that deter you from sending in queries – you can either email me, ...

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Top 5 mispronounced Spanish Foodie words

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Spanish words are tricky to say – first of all, as with all languages, there are numerous regional variations of this language. Secondly there is a massive difference in pronunciation between Spain and in Latin America. Here are the top 5 mispronounced Spanish Foodie words explained (more to follow soon). If you have any other words you aren’t sure of, don’t hesitate to ask about them.

1. Chorizo. Oh ...

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