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Do you say coupe or coupé?

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A reader recently asked me to settle a bet she had with her husband – do you call a two door car a coupe, or a coupé? Well, the answer really depends on whether you speak the Queen’s English, or you live on the other side of the Atlantic. In Europe and the UK, a two door car is most definitely called a coupé.

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Soda Stream Champagne – would YOU be fooled?

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Champagne is undoubtably the drink of the elite, and the very word conjures images of wealth, luxury and glamour. This prestigious drink is not for everyday consumption by the masses – the hefty price tag ensures it maintains its exclusivity. What makes it so expensive, and what’s so special about champagne anyway?

The famous experiment

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How to pronounce the names of champagnes

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Why are champagne brand names so difficult to pronounce?

Most champagne brand names are mispronounced, even by people who think they know how to say them correctly. Of course all champagne is made in France, so you would think some knowledge of French would help you out here, but this is not always the case. You see, many old champagne families who set up their houses in Champagne did not originally come from France – they came ...

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